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Clerk's Office

John Medearis, Clerk of Court(865) 545-4228

Russell Eslinger, Division Manager - Chattanooga, Winchester(423) 752-5200
Rick Tipton, Division Manager - Greeneville(423) 639-3105
Kathy Keeton, Division Manager - Knoxville(865) 545-4228


Divisonal Offices


(423) 752-5200
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(423) 639-3105
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(865) 545-4228
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(931) 967-1444
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Judicial OfficerJudicial AssistantCityPhone
Thomas A. Varlan,   Chief District JudgeLori GibsonKnoxville(865)545-4762
J. Ronnie Greer,   District JudgeGreeneville(423)639-0063
Harry S. Mattice, Jr.,   District JudgeMartha CortsChattanooga(423)752-5184
Pamela L. Reeves,   District JudgePam SimpsonKnoxville(865)545-4255
Travis R. McDonough,   District JudgeTravis Thompson (Law Clerk)Chattanooga(423)752-5220
Leon Jordan,   Senior District JudgeBrian Easley (Law Clerk)Knoxville(865)545-4224
Thomas W. Phillips,   Senior District JudgePenny Arning (Law Clerk)Knoxville(865)545-4230
Curtis L. Collier,   Senior District JudgeCarrie Stefaniak (Law Clerk)Chattanooga(423)752-5287
Dennis H. Inman,   Magistrate JudgeGreeneville(423)787-7400
Christopher H. Steger,   Magistrate JudgeChattanooga(423)752-5365
Debra C. Poplin,   Magistrate JudgeHolly NeaseKnoxville(865)545-4260
H. Bruce Guyton,   Magistrate JudgeHolly NeaseKnoxville(865)545-4260
Susan K. Lee,   Magistrate JudgeKrista StarnesChattanooga(423)752-5230
Clifton L. Corker,   Magistrate JudgeNora Koffman (Law Clerk)Greeneville(423)787-7400

Courtroom Deputies

Judicial OfficerCourtroom DeputyPhone
Christopher H. Steger,   Magistrate JudgeKelli Jones(423)386-3534
Curtis L. Collier,   Senior District JudgeBarbara Lewis(423)386-3513
Harry S. Mattice, Jr.,   District JudgeStefanie Capetz(423)386-3540
Susan K. Lee,   Magistrate JudgeCourtney Camp(423)386-3518
Travis R. McDonough,   District JudgeDe'Andra Hinton(423)386-3522
Clifton L. Corker,   Magistrate JudgeKim Ottinger(423)639-6235 ext. 1205
Dennis H. Inman,   Magistrate JudgeKim Ottinger(423)639-6235 ext. 1205
J. Ronnie Greer,   District JudgeKathy Hopson(423)639-6235 ext. 1206
Debra C. Poplin,   Magistrate JudgeRachel Stone(865)329-4671
H. Bruce Guyton,   Magistrate JudgeMallory Garringer(865)329-4801
Leon Jordan,   Senior District JudgeJason Huffaker(865)329-4783
Pamela L. Reeves,   District JudgeAngela Archer(865)329-4805
Thomas A. Varlan,   Chief District JudgeJulie Norwood(865)329-4679
Thomas W. Phillips,   Senior District JudgeJason Huffaker(865)329-4783

Other Eastern District Agencies

images/icon_bk.gif United States Bankruptcy Court
images/icon_marshals.gif United States Marshals Service
images/icon_bop.gif United States Bureau of Prisons