Jury Evidence Recording System (JERS)

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee uses the Jury Evidence Recording System (JERS) to capture evidence electronically during a trial. Evidence released to the jury can be played back by the jury in the deliberation room.

A training session on the use of this equipment can be requested through the courtroom deputy.

Using JERS

How to Submit Electronic Exhibit Files

Electronic evidence files should be provided on a USB drive, DVD, or CD.

Requirements for Exhibit File Types

All electronic evidence should be provided using the following formats:

  • Documents and Photographs: .pdf, .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .gif
  • Video and Audio Recordings: .avi, .wmv, .mpg, .mp3, .wma, .wav

Exhibit Formatting Instructions for Batch Importing

Exhibit files can be formatted in a manner that permits them to be batch imported into the JERS system. The method to use is described below:

File Naming Method

  • All files are provided on a single storage device such as a CD, DVD, or USB drive.
  • Using any software or method, exhibit files are renamed using a naming convention simliar to:
    (exhibit number)-(exhibit part)_(exhibit description).(file extension)
  • The use of the "underscore" character is required when an optional description of the exhibit is included and cannot be used elsewhere in the exhibit name.
  • Example listing of valid exhibit file names:
    "1-a_photograph.jpg", "12_2009 Tax Statement.pdf", "35d.pdf", "12(a)_camera footage.wmv"