Judicial Officers

The district judges of our court are Article III judges, that is, they are appointed by the President of the United States, with approval of the Senate, under authority of Article III of the United States Constitution. They are appointed to lifetime terms.

We also have magistrate judges. They are appointed by the district judges and serve eight-year terms. Their duties are much like those of the district judges, except they do not have authority to try criminal cases, except misdemeanors. They can try civil cases by consent of the parties and do try a number of civil cases each year.

JudgeJudicial PreferencesJudicial AssistantCourtroom Deputy
Thomas A. Varlan - Chief United States District JudgeViewLori Gibson (865)545-4762 Julie Norwood (865)329-4679
J. Ronnie Greer - United States District JudgeView (423)639-0063 Kathy Hopson (423)639-6235 ext. 1206
Harry S. Mattice, Jr. - United States District JudgeViewMartha Corts (423)752-5184 Stefanie Capetz (423)386-3540
Pamela L. Reeves - United States District JudgeViewPam Simpson (865)545-4255 Angela Archer (865)329-4805
Travis R. McDonough - United States District JudgeViewTravis Thompson (Law Clerk) (423)752-5220 De'Andra Hinton (423)386-3522
Leon Jordan - Senior United States District Judge Brian Easley (Law Clerk) (865)545-4224 Jason Huffaker (865)329-4783
Thomas W. Phillips - Senior United States District JudgeViewPenny Arning (Law Clerk) (865)545-4230 Jason Huffaker (865)329-4783
Curtis L. Collier - Senior United States District JudgeViewCarrie Stefaniak (Law Clerk) (423)752-5287 Barbara Lewis (423)386-3513
Dennis H. Inman - United States Magistrate JudgeView (423)787-7400 Kim Ottinger (423)639-6235 ext. 1205
Christopher H. Steger - United States Magistrate JudgeView (423)752-5365 Kelli Jones (423)386-3534
Debra C. Poplin - United States Magistrate JudgeViewHolly Nease (865)545-4260 Rachel Stone (865)329-4671
H. Bruce Guyton - United States Magistrate JudgeViewHolly Nease (865)545-4260 Mallory Garringer (865)329-4801
Susan K. Lee - United States Magistrate JudgeViewKrista Starnes (423)752-5230 Courtney Camp (423)386-3518
Clifton L. Corker - United States Magistrate JudgeViewNora Koffman (Law Clerk) (423)787-7400 Kim Ottinger (423)639-6235 ext. 1205

Visiting Judges

JudgeJudicial Information
Karen K. Caldwell - Chief United States District Judge, Eastern District of Kentuckyview
Amul R. Thapar - United States District Judge, Eastern District of Kentuckyview
Tena Campbell - Senior United States District Judge, District of Utahview