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Jury Information Line: 1-800-877-0551

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    Respond to your jury qualification questionnaire or summons online
  • Juror Frequently Asked Questions
    Questions other Jurors have asked
  • Understanding the Federal Courts
    Learn about the Federal Court
  • Directions to Courthouses
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  • Special Notice for Jurors

    When reporting for jury service, please remember that the following items are not permitted in the federal building:

    • Cell Phones
    • Laptop Computers
    • E Books (including those without wireless capability)
    • Pagers
    • Pocket Knives
    • Cameras
    If you bring any of these items you will be required to return them to your vehicle.


    How eJuror makes the juror screening process easier

    The federal Judiciary is making the juror screening process easier with eJuror. The web-based program allows jurors to submit their forms electronically. Jurors no longer have to rely on the mail or phone calls to communicate with the courts.

    Judiciary Warns Public About "Jury Phone Scam"

    Identity theft affects more than ten million Americans every year. In one scam that keeps popping up across the country, thieves pose as court employees and gain personal financial information from their victims over the phone.
    If you received a qualification questionnaire:
    You must fully complete and return it within ten days.

    The questionnaire is used to determine whether you are legally qualified to serve as a juror.

    If you are found to be qualified, you will be mailed a Summons For Jury Service if your name is randomly drawn during the four-year period of the current jury wheel.

    Juror Documents

  • A Message to Employers About Jury Service
    If your employee is selected for jury duty
  • Handbook for Federal Grand Jurors
    Helpful information for grand jury service
  • Handbook for Federal Trial Jurors
    Helpful information for trial jury service
  • Jury Service Handbook - Chattanooga
    Chattanooga Division
  • Jury Service Handbook - Greeneville
    Greeneville Division
  • Jury Service Handbook - Knoxville
    Knoxville Division
  • Jury Service Handbook - Winchester
    Winchester Division