Public Outreach and Education - Civic Group Presentations

Magistrate Judge Inman - Presentation to Boy Scout Troop at White Pine, March 21 2013
Using outreach slide show presentation (or handouts) to tell the scouts (12-15 scouts) and 3 adult scout leaders about U. S. District Court. The presentation fulfills a requirement for their First Class Rank, as well as part of the requirements for the Citizenship Merit Badge
Civic Group Presentation by Chief Judge Varlan and Magistrate Judge Shirley
District Judge Thomas W. Phillips Speaks to Knoxville Police Academy
Judge Phillips, speaking to new police officers fresh out of the Knoxville Police Academy on July 6, said, "Since you are entrusted with the responsibility of enforcing the law, you must, as much as humanly possible, obey the law at all times. You will be called upon to make very difficult decisions, and those decisions must be made in a matter of seconds. As a judge, I am frequently called upon to make very difficult decisions, but I have the luxury of thinking about, contemplating, and analyzing my decisions. Unfortunately, in many instances you will not have that luxury." Judge Phillips told them that a part of their duties that they will "probably find distasteful" will be testifying in court, "because your actions will be questioned, analyzed, and scrutinized by courts and juries to determine if you made the right decision." He said, "Giving testimony in court is as much a part of your job as is keeping the streets safe for the general public. It does no good whatsoever for you to make an arrest, even if the accused is guilty as homemade sin, if the accused is simply going to be able to walk away from the courtroom a free man because you violated his constitutional rights." Judge Phillips also said, "I suspect that there will be times when you would rather have a root canal than have to face an aggressive defense counsel who is going to grill you unmercifully about a decision that you had to make in a split second. But it is all part of the process that we must participate in, and the system of justice only works if every single party does its very best to carry out its duties and responsibilities."
Chief District Judge Collier Speaks to Chattanooga Civitan Club
Chief District Judge Collier spoke Friday before the Chattanooga Civitan Club during their weekly meeting. His speech emphasized how important citizen participation is to the U.S. system of government, and how such participation was assumed and anticipated by the Founders, but how much such participation has fallen off in the last few generations.
Remarks of District Judge Thomas A. Varlan to the Knoxville Rotary Club
Knox County Intern Program
The Knoxville division participated in the Knox County Intern Program this year. This is a program in which high school students shadow members of various local governmental agencies, learn the role and function of each agency, observe day-to-day activities, and experience what it is like to work in a professional setting. Our intern, Sarah Jewell, was here the week of June 5. She observed hearings in court, reorganized and shifted files, and teamed up with members of the Clerk's Office to observe their duties and learn what their roles are.
Judges speak on Courtroom Technology
District Judge Harry Mattice, Magistrate Judges Dennis Inman and C. Clifford Shirley, and District Judge Thomas Varlan spoke to a packed audience at the Legal Tech Expo sponsored by the Knoxville Bar Association on April 28, 2006. The judges discussed the use of courtroom technology to enhance trial presentations.