Public Outreach and Education - Mock Trials

LMU Law Student Presentation
October 12, 2016 - On October 12, 2016, Judge Reeves presided over a "moot court" event for the LMU Law School Criminal Procedure class. Ten students were present and presented argument for two change of plea cases and two motions for judgment of acquittal.
Grace Christian Academy 8th Grade Mock Trial
October 4, 2016 - Clerk of Court Debbie Poplin served as judge for the mock trial. The trial was based on the novel the students had read, The Red Kayak. Over the course of several days, local attorneys gave an introduction to criminal law and court room procedures and assisted the defense and prosecution teams in preparing their cases for the trial. There were 5 classroom trials held over a period of two days, October 4th & 5th.
LMU Duncan School of Law - Moot Court
Judge Reeves presided over "moot court" conducted by the LMU Duncan School of Law Advanced Criminal Process Class of Professor Melanie Reed. There were 8 students present that argued Rule 29 motions and a change of plea. At the conclusion, Judge Reeves gave them some feedback and Jonathan Moffatt, from the Federal Defenders Office spoke briefly with them and took questions.
UT Trial Practice Class
November 14, 2013 - Second year law students at the University of Tennessee Trial Practice class were at U.S. District Court on November 14 and 15 participating in a mock trial. Magistrate Judge Shirley has taught this class for 14 years. He says it is his way of giving back.
Mock Trial - Hardin Valley Academy
October 8, 2013 - Magistrate Judge Shirley presided over a Re-enactment of Gideon v. Wainwright with 30 students from Hardin Valley Academy. The students read scripted monologues, Beth Ford gave a presentation that included interview clips from Mr. Gideon and video clips from the movie Gideons Trumpet. Attorneys Robert Kurtz and Bobby Hutson explained their role as a CJA Appointed Attorney and a Federal Public Defender and how what they do relates to Gideon.
Magistrate Judge Shirley Presides Over Mock Trial
Magistrate Judge Shirley presides over the Open Doors of Justice Mock Trial program held on November 2, 2012 based on the Supreme Court decision in Hudson v. Michigan "knock and announce.
Open Doors of Justice Mock Trial, Hardin Valley Academy Business Law Students, October 28, 2011