Public Outreach and Education - Judicial Outreach/Attorney Training

U.S.District Judge Pamela Reeves Speaks to Appalachian Public Interest Environmental Law Conference at the University of Tennessee College of Law
October 22, 2016 - U.S. District Court Judge Pamela Reeves, who was one of two mediators who oversaw the negotiations on property damage for more than 880 plaintiffs in 63 pending cases that arose from the spill, was a keynote speaker.
News Sentinel: Coal ash spill key topic at conference
U.S. District Judge Travis McDonough Speaks to Teachers
October 7, 2016 - Hamilton County Herald
University of Tennessee College of Law
On August 17, 2016, the U.S. District Court, along with other agencies, hosted its annual orientation session for 116 first year law students. Chief Judge Varlan, Judge Reeves, Debbie Poplin, and Deputy Chief Probation Officer Adrienne Simpson-Brown held a session in the Ceremonial Courtroom where each spoke to the students about their roles in the judicial process. David Jennings, Assistant U. S. Attorney, and Beth Ford, Federal Defender Services chief briefed the students on the practice of criminal law.
Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law
District Judge Pamela Reeves welcomed and addressed 65 first year law students on August 5, 2016 and administered the Professionalism Oath to them.
Howard Baker Public Policy Challenge 2016
Judge Pamela L. Reeves served on a panel of judges for the Public Policy Challenge. Eleven teams competed for cash prizes for the best public policy project.
Sixth Circuit Judge Jane Strach, Knoxville Visit
Sixth Circuit Judge Jane Strach was in Knoxville as the guest speaker for the kickoff of the newly formed Knoxville chapter of the Federal Bar Association. Approximately 125 lawyers were in attendance and for many it was their first time to experience the beauty of the courthouse and chambers area.
Senior Judge Edgar Teaches in the Republic of Georgia
June 2014 - Judge Edgar conducted workshops for Georgian judge and prosecutors on cybercrime. He also used this visit as a springboard to talk about their judicial system in general.
Magistrate Judge Carter Teaches in Armenia and the Republic of Georgia
December 2013 - Chief Judge Varlan hosted a group of high school students interning for The Shopper News - a community newspaper for a luncheon and courthouse tour.
Presentation to UT Political Science Class
October 29, 2013 - Magistrate Judges Guyton and Shirley were asked by former Knox County Law Director, Joe Jarret, who is now on the faculty of the University of Tennessee, to be the guest speakers and teach one of his Political Science classes on Law and Policy. Joe said that the judges were very engaging with the students. The judges used slides from Chief Judge Varlan's Outreach Presentation to share information with the students about the makeup of the Court and the volume of cases that we handle.
CJA Panel Appreciation Luncheon - Chattanooga
October 18, 2013
UT Law School Orientation / Visit to U.S. District Court
August 21, 2013 - UT Law Student Orientation / Visit to U.S. District Court. First year law students at the University of Tennessee College of Law (approximately 165 guests) participated in a presentation introducing them to the role of the federal court and the rule of law. Each presenter explained the day-to-day operations of their office in the role of justice and how each office contributes to the Court's role in maintaining the rule of law.
Summer Intern and Law Clerk Luncheons
June 2013 - Each year the judges host a luncheon for summer law clerks and interns as an appreciation for their service and also to give the students an opportunity to network and develop friendships. It all began with simply hosting a tour of the courthouse. Now it is more than just a courthouse tour. In Chattanooga, the judges host a luncheon, do a question/answer session with the students, play a trivia game about federal court, and more. In Knoxville, prior and current law clerks make a presentation, court historian, Don Ferguson, makes a presentation and a luncheon is provided.
ECF Forum 2009, Chattanooga
CJA Panel Appreciation Luncheon, Chattanooga